Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've never been very good at this creative writing thing. All my life I've wanted to be good at it but good just never came. I read my mom's blog now StitchinByTheLake and wish that exuberance would come through in me just once :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snow days

A little known holiday of the South, a 'snow day' refers to the day that all children and adults in the South look forward to all year. It's the day when the weatherperson forecasts a few inches or more of that wondrous precipitation that makes us all run to the grocery store. The children can't keep their eyes away from the windows, watching desperately for that first flake to fall and wondering how soon the principal will come over the intercom to say. . . school has been dismissed!

This is the start of the story. Here's some more. Tom loved to read about history. Especially, early US history. He wishes he could have experienced events leading to the victory over the British in the American Revolution. Paul Revere was always one of his heroes and he loved to read about the midnight ride and dream about his ride that night.

Recently, Christopher Lloyd visited Tom and told him about his DeLorean, a vehicle that might give him an opportunity to realize his dream. Tom accepted Lloyd's offer to borrow the car for a trip back to April 18, 1875.

After getting in and setting the date, he slowly reved the engine and took off. The DeLorean had to reach 120 MPH before it could break the time barrier and Tom knew he only had about a mile and a half to do that. He put the car in gear and floored it, squealing the tires and throwing dust everywhere.

Poof! Tom landed in Massachussets and was faced with three men wearing clothes that are not sold in Macy's. Most prominent were the large hats with three corners.

Just heard we were supposed to wrap this up. So Tom woke up in Granary Burial Ground off Boston Commons across from the Paul Revere burial site and looked at a discarded newspaper. The Headlines read "Boston beats Cleveland" and was dated 10/22/2007.

Hi! My name is Lori Bush and I'm the library media specialist at Lake Hamilton High School, a 10-12 high school with about 900 students. I'm at the AECT Conference in Anaheim learning about free Google tools.